ERB-C 120-25

The ERB-C 120/25 is a microprocessor-controlled, convection cooled, solid-state, SCR-regulated charger that provides either a constant current or constant voltage output. It is designed to make battery charging simple and has a variety of programmable options to personalize the charge profile. ERB-C-12025


  • 4-digit display for voltage, amperage, and temperature
  • AC input breaker: 63 amp for 120 vac, 32 amp for 240 vac
  • AC surge protection up to 3600 volts
  • Programmable equalizing (0-96 hrs.)
  • Front panel controls can disabled for security
  • CRS polyester powder coat finish
  • All solid state
  • Programmable dc output voltage 50v to 150v
  • Precise control of dc output voltage and amperage
  • Over temperature protection
  • Alarm with LEDs and summary relay contact for AC failure, DC failure, high VDC, low VDC
  • Temperature compensation via remote probe (10 ft.)
  • -40 to 70°C operating temperature
  • Password protected remote communication access
  • Programmable location code for charger identification (8-digit alpha-numeric number)
  • Data logfile saved up to one week without AC power
  • 4-button control for both programming and display readouts
  • DC output breaker: 40 amp
  • AC and DC surge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • MOV surge suppressors
  • Wall mount, floor stand, or fits 19″ standard rack
  • Charges flooded lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel-iron, and all valve regulated batteries (VRLA)
  • Programmable cell count, dc amperage, temperature compensation, and battery equalization
  • Remote battery voltage sensing
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Alarm contacts for the above alarms. Both normally closed or normally open dry contacts for fault indication
  • 3000 VAC isolation to case
  • Fully isolated communication interface (300-9600 baud rate)
  • Output charge data to a serial printer
  • Charge status saved in logfile


  • Output filter for 30m Vrms ripple
  • 30 ft. Temperature probe


MODEL Download AC Input DC Regulation No. of Cells Physical Size
Voltage (Volts) Frequency
(Amps at full power)
Voltage* Current* Lead Acid /
Nickel Cadmium
 120/25R ERB-C 12025R
1225FR IOS
PDF Instructions
120 (105-130)
240 (210-256)
50/60 44
50-150V 1-25A 24 to 60 L.A.
34 to 92 Ni. Cad.
170 W
17.0 D