ERB-C C-Series

Chargers (with Alarm Contacts)

C-Series Chargers provide constant current or constant voltage modes for charging stationary batteries. Line compensation prevents fluctuations in AC input from affecting DC output. The state-of-the-art regulator control circuit compensates for the DC cable connecting the charger to the batteries. For improved accuracy, a battery sensing cable is available to read battery voltage directly from batteries.

Output voltage and current are controlled by a microprocessor which also monitors the internal components of the charger for any deviation in performance. An internal ambient temperature sensor is connected to the microprocessor. This information can be used to compensate the battery voltage for temperature and prevent the charger from damage by extreme temperature. A remote battery temperature sensing is an available option. The charger will also record temperature limits. A power fault counter to record the number of power faults that occur and a timer to indicate the length of time in days from the last power fault are also provided.

  • Float Voltage per cell: 1 to 2.99 volts
  • Temperature compensation: 0.0 to -9.9 mV per cell°F
  • Current limiting: DC output limiting will be at maximum rate set
  • Low output ripple: Ripple voltage at battery terminals is less than 0.25 Vpp at full output current. Ripple voltage at the battery terminal is less than 0.06 Vpp at 2.0 Amps output current.
  • Over temperature: Using the charger ambient temperature, the output will start to cut back at 145°F and will stop its output at 160°F. Using an external battery temperature probe, the output will start to cut back at 130°F.


  • All Solid State
  • Precise control of DC output voltage and amperage
  • 4-button control for both programming and display readouts
  • 3000 vac isolation to case
  • AC and DC surge protection
  • Password protected remote communication access
  • Programmable location code for charger identification
  • Remote battery voltage sensing
  • Over temperature protection
  • Charge status saved in logfile
  • Data logfile saved up to one week without AC power
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Charges vented lead acid, Ni Cad, nickel iron and valve regulated batteries
  • Programmable cell count, DC amperage, temperature compensation and battery equalization
  • 4-digit display for voltage, amperage and temperature
  • Improved power factor
  • 40 to 70°C operating temperature
  • Fully isolated communication interface (300-9600 baud rate)
  • Output charge data to a serial printer
  • Both normally closed or normally open dry contacts for fault indication
  • Remote battery temperature sensing


ERB-C C Series Family of Chargers
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MODEL Download AC Input DC Regulation No. of Cells Physical Size
Voltage (Volts) Frequency
(Amps at
full power)
Voltage* Current* Lead Acid /
Nickel Cadmium
ERB-C 12/201 C
ERB-C C-Series IOS
PDF Instructions
115 (100-128)
230 (200-256)
50/60/100 5.3
1-20V 1-20A 1 to 8 L.A.
1 to 12 Ni.Cad.
17.65 W
11.21 D
9.75 H
ERB-C 12/401 C

ERB-C C-Series IOS
PDF Instructions
115 (100-128)
230 (200-256)
50/60/100 12.4
1-20V 1-40A 1 to 8 L.A.
1 to 12 Ni.Cad
17.5 W
14.25 D
10.5 H
ERB-C 12/501 C
ERB-C C-Series IOS
PDF Instructions
115 (100-128)
60/100 17.0
1-20V 1-50A 1 to 8 L.A.
1 to 12 Ni.Cad
17.5 W
14.25 D
10.5 H
ERB-C 24/301 C
ERB-C C-Series IOS
PDF Instructions
115 (100-128)
230 (200-256)
50/60/100 16.1
10-36V 1-30A 5 to 15 L.A.
7 to 24 Ni.Cad
17.5 W
14.25 D
10.5 H