DC Current Monitor

The DC current monitor is a specialized device used to sense the current between battery charger and battery. The information obtained by the monitor is used to open or close an internal relay in the monitor. The relay contacts are connected to an external terminal block. These terminals are then connected to a signalling circuit which monitors the on/off state of the charging current. Two LEDs on the front panel of the monitor display the relay status.

The monitor is capable of measuring charging current down to approximately 15 milliamps. An adjustment control is used to set the current to the point that will toggle the relay. The relay contacts are isolated from the battery voltage so signalling will not be affected by the charging profile.

The monitor’s external shunt is connected in the negative leg of the charging cable. If the battery is less than 15 Vdc the positive battery terminal can be connected directly to the V0 terminal. If the battery voltage is greater than 15 Vdc, connect the positive battery terminal to the V1 terminal. Use the appropriate resistor (R1) found in the following table when using a battery voltage over 15 Vdc.


DC Current Monitor
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9-60 VOLTS
(without R1):
3.5 watts (relay on)
12 Vdc
10 amp outfit
15 milliamps
200 amps peak
80 amps cont. rms
SIZE (inches):
8 W x 4.5 D x 2.5 H
2.17 lbs.
Model DC Battery
Resistor R1
16775-00 9 – VDC – 15 – – –
16775-18 16 – VDC – 24 56ohm 5W
16775-24 24 – VDC – 33 120ohm 5W
33 – VDC – 46
200ohm 10W
16775-48 46 – VDC – 60 330ohm 15W