HF-Max Battery Charger & Power Supply


  • Switch mode (high frequency) charging technology.
  • Modular, redundant platform. The 400W (12/24V) or 480W (48/130V) Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs) are hot-swappable.
  • Selectable Float Voltage – Allows battery voltage to be precisely set to the battery manufacturer specifications.
  • Universal Input Voltage – Charger operates from 100-240 Vac.
  • Remote voltage sensing  and remote temperature compensation standard.
  • Transient Protection – AC input and DC output have surge protection
  • Battery Types – All maintenance-free cells, lead-acid cells, and nickel cadmium cells
  • All input/output connections are AAR standard binding post enclosed in a protective hinged cover.
  • CEC and AREMA compliant.

HF-MAX 2-Bay,4-Bay 12/24/48/130V

HF-MAX SL 2-Bay w/LED Display 12/24V

HF-MAX Utility 130V