ELC 5/5 Track Charger


  • Extreme temperatures that can cause battery failure and charging problems are eliminated through temperature compensation, allowing for extended battery life.
  • The external temperature probe extends battery life by monitoring exact battery temperature to detect excessive heat and water loss.
  • Selection of dual input voltage, either 115 or 230 volts, is accomplished through a slide switch on the charger face.
  • The charger can provide a constant current and constant voltage charge for precision control through SCR regulation.
  • The ELC 5/5 charges maintenance-free cells, lead acid cells and nickel cadmium cells.
  • Selectable float voltage allows the battery voltage to be precisely set to the battery manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Transient protection is provided for both the AC and input and DC output through surge protection.
  • For positive voltage setting, simply select the required voltage.

 MODEL  Download AC Input DC Regulation No. of Cells Physical Size
(Amps at
full ELC
ELC-C 5/5 ELC 5/5
PDF Instructions
115 (105-128)
230 (210-256)
60 0.7
1-5V 5A 1 to 2 L.A.
1 to 3 Ni.Cad.
7.00 W
8.25 D
9.50 H

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